Dear Families -

On behalf of all those at St. Anne’s and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, welcome to our website!

Our program has been a part of the Salem community for 30 years. We embrace our traditions while at the same time we reflect on current research and the needs of our students to provide the best program we can. 

At St. Anne’s, our primary goals are to help each child know that they are a wonderful creation of our God, that he or she is loved and safe, and to help each child confirm and develop his or her gifts to the fullest. Our curriculum and educational units are designed to provide continual educational conversation to allow each child to ask questions and develop a love of learning through curiosity. The teachers at St. Anne’s are deeply committed to ensuring that every child feels loved and valued, with the understanding that a child’s first school experience can introduce a love of learning that continues life-long.

Our classroom environment and curriculum reflect a balance between open-ended and guided learning activities and lessons. Children learn what it means to be a member of a school community and how to be a friend. We believe that social and emotional development is integral to intellectual development and achievement. At St. Anne’s, children are active participants in the learning process.

We realize that Christian Education is the responsibility of parents and the church, and we hope to have a partnership relationship in the education of young children. We communicate regularly with parents via our newsletter, classroom communication boards, our social media presence, and by providing teacher’s personal phone numbers.

The essence of St. Anne’s Episcopal Day School is reflected in the warm spirit of its community of children, parents, teachers, and staff. It is an inclusive and supportive community where life-long friendships are formed.

I invite you to explore our website, contact me personally, or stop by for a tour to learn more about our school. I look forward to meeting you!

Allison Netting

Director | St. Anne's Day School


What Parents Are Saying


Our family has been very blessed by St. Anne's Day School. Our son has been guided in being a better friend, learning pre-kindergarten skills in an engaging environment, and practicing independence in a safe context. We love how organized and well-planned the school is. We are also thankful for how our son is treated with genuine care and encouragement from all the teachers.

- Lisa F.

St. Anne's has provided an exceptional learning environment for both of my children. The teachers and director genuinely care about the needs of all of their students, and create such a loving and inviting school. Whether it is hands on learning, field trips, learning through play, or "big group" time, students are provided with so many excellent learning opportunities. The staff, students, and families at St. Anne's truly create a special place and I am so happy my children and family are part of this wonderful school!

- Mary D.




We absolutely love St. Anne's. It has been such a positive experience for both of my boys to attend - providing amazing teachers, an excellent curriculum, and a warm environment for learning and growing.

- Sarah G.

St. Anne’s is a ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

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